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After having a successful career as a children’s book author, my mother and sisters urged me to write a cookbook containing our family recipes. Once published, The African American Kitchen cookbook was a major hit.  I've written 6 other cookbooks including The Ethnic Vegetarian, The Kitchen Diva Cooks! and my newest cookbook, The Kitchen Diva's Diabetic Cookbook.


Like my children’s books, there were very few cookbooks in existence that showed the contributions of African American culture and cuisine. Now seven cookbooks later, and many guest appearances as THE KITCHEN DIVA!, I am educating people on the importance of healthy cooking to nourish the body and soul and steer away diet-related illnesses.


In 1988, I founded Book Boosters, Inc., a 501(c)(3) with my family. It started as a reading tutorial program for elementary age students, and has evolved into The Kitchen Diva Health Outreach, a program whereby we partner with community organizations to present nutrition information and speeches, workshops, cooking demos, healthy samples and nutritious lunches in an engaging way. 


I am passionate about impacting the health of my community, and over the years my husband, Michael, and I have worked to improve the outcomes for underserved children and families in Texas and beyond.


I credit my relationship with the Lord and my family for making me the DIVA, or Divinely Inspired Victorious and Accomplished through Christ, I am today. After many bad cooking attempts I finally accepted the help of my mother, Angeline Shelf, and several elderly women at my church and learned to cook. Of course, cultivating my skill took years of practice, and learning to work through mistakes took humility.


The Lord has blessed me with many wonderful opportunities. I love creating recipes, and doing cooking demonstrations. I also love having my own cooking show, THE KITCHEN DIVA! LIVE, which is set to debut in 2018 on PBS/CREATE.  To view and purchase my children's books, click here

Angela Shelf Medearis is a well-known speaker, recipe creator, and culinary historian and author. To contact her about speaking at an event, television apearances, workshops or cooking

demos, please email bookboosters@gmail.com.

I am honored to work with the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association and numerous non-profit community health organizations and churches to provide educational materials and deliver speeches, workshops and to do cooking demos at conferences. If you or someone you know is working on keeping their salt and sugar intake down, try THE KITCHEN DIVA! Herb and Spice Mix, a diabetes friendly, low-sodium mix that perks up the flavor of any meats, soups, and vegetables. It’s time to get some Diva-tude, honey and get cooking!

Angela prepares her Vegetarian Italian Feast on the Dr. Oz show! Watch here. 

See episodes of The Kitchen Diva! on Youtube, kitchendivapro.com

"Having a passion for transforming traditional meals into healthy dishes has allowed Mrs. Medearis to openly engage many families and individuals in life changing and essentially, lifesaving dialogue that may otherwise be denied to them by some health professionals. She uses humor that reflects her own culture and ethnicity to broach health issues deeply embedded in complex cultural and ethnic norms."
Mona Allen, City of Austin Neighborhood Services Unit
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